Question: What sets Diana’s Care apart from other Assisted Living Facilities?


Answer: Diana’s Care is locally owned, as opposed to a Corporate-based facility.  This allows us to blend in with Otsego’s small town community.  However, Diana’s Care is more than an owner live-in home.  Our care structure is similar to larger facilities with professional staff, and RN management.


Question: Does Diana’s Care have an open door policy?


Answer: Yes, residents may be visited during morning, afternoon and evening hours.  In addition, residents may be taken out for excursions with their friends and families.


Question: How do I go about contracting with Diana’s Care?


Answer: The first step is to visit our facility.  Diana can show you the room options and explain our program in detail.  If the decision is made to contract with Diana’s Care, all required paper work is on site to make the process easy to achieve.


Question: Why is Diana’s Care a great value?


Answer: To answer this question, you should consider the alternatives:

§         In-home care.  Here a person must be hired by-the-hour to stay at your house.  This can get very expensive quickly.  Or you may choose to stay home to take care of your loved one.  This means you will give up the opportunity to earn an income for yourself, which also translates to high expense.

§         Nursing home care.  Nursing homes are very expensive!  Entering a nursing home frequently involves giving up your personal assets to afford the high overhead associated with this type of care.  Your loved one may feel out of place at the nursing home as well, as many residents require very high levels of care.


Diana’s Care is private pay.  This means you keep control of your assets!


Diana’s Care is managed by Diana, a Registered Nurse!  This sort of expertise is not common in AFC homes and will be of great value during your stay.


Question: What is the payment schedule?


Answer:  Payment is made at the first of the month.  If the resident enters mid-month, the amount due is pro-rated according to the number of days left.